Why Rome is a Universal Language

When I used to work as licensed tour guide of Rome, I took every day my customers to see the main monuments of Rome. By doing so, I realized that every time I was going to visit a place, it was almost like I wanted to make a point: that specific monument was there because of a reason. Over time, however, I came to the conclusion that Rome is not only a physical place but also a mindset that permeates our daily life.

Rome is everywhere. If you live in an English speaking country, you can learn that 95 per cent of the roots embedded in the English language come from the Latin and the Greek languages. Moreover, if you live in Spain or in a country located in Central or South America, you can easily deduct that Spanish is a Romance language stemming from Latin.

My aim is to guide you to study and appreciate Rome in a more holistic way: from the seen to the unseen, you can really be part of the club that explores places, facts and stories that gave birth to the western world, no matter in which part of the world you live.

Whether you study Rome as a science or you want to travel to the Eternal City for the first time, the resource I have created will support your journey to the discovery of why you can not get rid of Rome.

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